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Thread: Modern XT compatible PC on FPGA with real 8088

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    Didn't have enough time to move on with the FPGA code... At the moment have CGA compatible (more-less) card with HDMI output (mapped to 640x480 resolution, so looks a bit ugly), started working on the audio part - finally got CODEC working with my limited SB, also trying to run HardMPU...

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    I was just linked to this thread, and this is really amazing work! I'm not sure how I missed it, before.

    I'll be following with great interest.

    - Alex

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    So with this card you can add to any xt class machine, cga-ega-vga, sound card and hdd with sd ???
    This will be the perfect solution for xts limited with one or 2 isa slots (sinclair pc 200 or euro pc).
    Hope you will finish it as soon as possible (i understand its a huge project) to order a couple of them.
    Keep the good work, im hype for this


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    If you add some method of accessing wifi (UART + ESP-link probably would work fine)... and an EGA feature connector (so you could make an adapter board for the internal monitor for IBM and Compaq Portables). This would be be the perfect card to put in a Compaq Portable.... which runs a bit low on slots as you add things, mine has an Inboard 386/PC + FDD + XT-CF + CGA right now...

    It would be neat if the ESP could be used to mount the disk of the PC remotely via wifi also... (kind of like wifi SD cards allow) or if it had a way of pointing the ESP at a NBD or FTP share and it showing up as a drive.

    Your FPGA implementation would just have to provide a fast reliable UART... perhaps even SPI might work which would reduce bit errors since you wouldn't have to be backwards compatible with anything....
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    Probably I already have said this some time ago, but:

    1. I’m not good in finishing projects - after I see something more-less working, or even just clearly understand how to make it done, I loose most of interest. My projects usually are not completed to the PnP level - most of the time they are designed to work in my specific environment and would require software/firmware changes to work somewhere else.

    2. Projects like this universal card are quite expensive and require relatively high skills to make them - not a cheap FPGA, multilayer PCB, soldering BGA etc...

    P.S. If someone has proper skills and desire to continue the development I gladly provide all the info...


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