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Thread: What Zenith computer is this?

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    That is a Zenith 158 definitely. Good machine, i have one, has a turbo button on the back even. If you have the Zenith keyboard, it can be set up to give you an audible click when you type too. It is fairly snappy for being an XT clone. It is a backplane, but all the guts are crammed on to 2 cards, there is a third zenith card you can get for it i think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by circuit View Post
    I have an identical looking model, it's a Zenith XT clone with an 8088. Sadly mine has a RAM fault so apart from the cool LEDs lighting inside, I can't do much with mine
    If you do ctrl+alt+Ins it has a ram tester which may help you identify which dip is bad
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    Quote Originally Posted by barythrin View Post
    Do you know how to tell the differences in the Z-150 series? I can also say it's in that series but I don't know all the different models, I thought it looked like a Z-150/151 to me.
    The Z-150/151 were single speed 4.77 MHz if I recall correctly. The Z-158 has a push button above the keyboard connector on the CPU card to toggle between 4.77 and 8Mhz. The Z-151 doesn't have that push button. I'm pretty sure that if you swap a CPU card out of a 158 into a 151, you end up with a 158. The chassis are pretty much the same.

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    Also another tell is that the Z-150's front bezel is 90 degrees to the table, while the 151 and 158 have a slight forward slant to them.

    Also fun, the Z-161 transportable uses the exact same boards internally as a 158... or at least my H-161 did.
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    Aw, now I've seen this, I want the monitor too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by barythrin View Post
    If you do ctrl+alt+Ins it has a ram tester which may help you identify which dip is bad
    Thanks I will give that a try

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    it looks very similar to the, IINM, a Z-148. Perhaps I'm not remembering the model # properly. In any event mine looked just like that, and I think had an aluminum cover. The Zenith's are nice, and were ever in the limelight, being they were available as kits through a course that constantly advertised in Radio Electronics, but were branded Heathkit. And the year was earlier, like 1986.

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    Heath version was HS-151.

    Excellent Kit Assembly Manuals for Heathkit applies to
    the Zenith same ZF models for the first few years after Zenith bought Heath Company.
    Product Numbering changed in 1984

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    It's the same chassis and backplane as the z-150 series but different cards. I have a couple of those and some other models. Interesting seeing the differences


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