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Thread: Looking for Toshiba T1600 (internal) power supply schematics

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    Default Looking for Toshiba T1600 (internal) power supply schematics

    Just purchased a Toshiba T1600 with internal power supply issues. I found bad electrolytic caps, which you would expect from a machine this old, but was looking for an actual schematic for the P/S.

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    Old thread, but did you find anything?
    I just got T1600 with broken PSU on flea market - with a few shorted n-channel mosfets. Won't boot, it flashes on/off power led. Same happens when I apply ~8v to battery pins.
    I'm recently fixing a lot of switching psu's in old devices, but it's always easier with schematics.

    One I got has 286-12 CPU and 40MB. No modem or any expansion fitted. Nice thing is that one of internal batteries (this connected directly to power supply) is on plastic tray - it was leaking, but all contamination was inside this tray, all boards are corrosion-free.

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    I'm working on repairing a T3200SX power supply. It's pretty roomy and the PCB is single sided so it wasn't too hard to sketch a rough schematic at least good enough for me to get a perspective and plan my approach. Like kitor I also found a bad MOSFET. Almost 5 years later it's likely that the original poster isn't feverishly waiting for an answer but considerations for future travelers...

    1. Based on the situations of kitor and myself it might be worth checking your mosfets.
    2. You may be able to sketch out a rough schematic in less time than you think.


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