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Thread: FS: Akkord Technology "Jonathan", very rare Apple Macintosh Plus clone (Prototype)

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    Default FS: Akkord Technology "Jonathan", very rare Apple Macintosh Plus clone (Prototype)

    Due to not having enough room to set up and showcase all of my computers, I'm parting with some stuff from my collection. For sale is a real collector's item: a "Jonathan" computer from Akkord Technology. The Jonathan was made by Akkord Technology by reverse engineering a Mac Plus. It has some nice enhancements over the Mac Plus (see below). The one for sale is one of the few existing prototypes. Apple sued Akkord because they didn't like seeing a fully compatible computer selling for less than their own. And while Akkord didn't really committed copyright infringement, the lawsuits against them made them go bankrupt. Originally, Akkord showed the Jonathan at the CeBIT 1989 in Germany and planed to have it hit the market shortly after - which never happened.

    (Note: this was on eBay already, but it didn't sell as the system is simply too unknown and didn't catch much attention.)


    • CPU: Motorola 68000, 8 MHz
    • 30 MB Seagate SCSI hard disk
    • 4 MB RAM (4x 1 MB SIMM)
    • 3,5" disk drive (double-density)


    • Audio out
    • Keyboard (proprietary)
    • Mouse (proprietary)
    • Ext. disk drive
    • Modem
    • Printer
    • 2x LocalTalk
    • Video (ordinary MDA/Hercules)
    • Ext. SCSI
    • Centronics printer (controlled by an Z8 that does real-time protocol conversion!)

    The Jonathan is running System 6.0.7, German. The hard disk was never erased and still contains all the original software.

    Condition: The system was completely cleaned and maintained shortly after I got it. The PRAM battery has been removed from the main logic board to prevent leaking. Everything is fully working. Only the disk drive struggles with ejecting disks. It needs re-greasing, which I didn't notice during maintenance. The plastic parts are yellowed due to their age, and since the system was in use for writing letters for some years, a couple of keys on the keyboard have lost their imprint (key caps mostly match those of the Apple (Extended) Keyboard and could be replaced easily).

    Shipping: The item is located in Germany, but I'm willing to ship world-wide. Shipping within Germany is 15, picking up in person is possible, too. Shipping to most other countries is between 30 to 60. Due to the additional charges, I only accept PayPal for people who can't do SEPA bank transfer (that is, if the buyer is outside the EU).

    The monitor shown in the pictures is not part of the offer. It's an ordinary no-name MDA/Hercules monitor and only included as a free gift when picking up the system in person (I don't ship monitors, they break anyway).

    Asking price is 350.
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    Still available.

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    Still available. Would trade as well.

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    I couldn't afford it, but let me get you in contact with someone. I know a guy.

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    Sold. Thanks to olePigeon for helping to find a buyer.


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