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Thread: Unusual Altair 8800b rear panel. Factory error or reproduction?

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    Default Unusual Altair 8800b rear panel. Factory error or reproduction?

    I have a rear panel that's fitted to my Altair 8800 that looks like it came from an 8800b or upgrade kit, except that it's been fitted back-to-front.

    There's a bare patch where the bridge rectifier mounts, and the bumped part of the holes for the top cover are on the opposite side to every other 8800b I've seen.

    My unit
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    Can any Altair owners confirm that the bare patch for the recifier is stock, and whether or not their top cover holes are flush or protruding? Any other info is appreciated.


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    I have an Altair BT case which has the same back panel. Mine has both the raised screw holes and the mounting hole for the bridge rectifier. But as you say, it's a mirror image to yours. It must have been a production mistake, holes for the fan, ports etc. must have been cut with the panel blank in backwards. The give away it the raised holes on the opposite side. You can see some pics of mine here:
    My collection:

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    Yes, having the paint masked for installation of the bridge rectifier is standard. The press nuts are installed before the paint process, so it appears the press nuts were installed on the wrong side of the panel during production. The painter probably scratched his head when he saw the part, but went ahead and masked the the square around the rectifier mounting hole assuming the inside of the panel was the side which had the press nut bumps. The result is a back panel rotated 180 degrees around the short, vertical axis.



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    Thanks for the input guys.


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