Having just bought a batch of EPROMs and a suitable programmer I can offer the following for sale.

MCM 68764C, 8K EPROM, equivalent to 2364 ROM - 8 (blank), 10 programmed.
2708 1K EPROM, 3 blank, 6 programmed
2716 2K EPROM, 3 blank, 6 programmed
2532 4K EPROM, 3 blank, 6 programmed
2732/2764/27C64/27128/27C128/27256/27C256 3 blank, 5 programmed

Please supply me with the exact file to be programmed.

Discounts for 2 or more the same.
Postage - UK - 1 for 1 or 2, please PM for EU/worldwide (but I would suggest you find someone local for the common chips).

Please PM if you would like me to program / read your EPROM.