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Thread: Sinclair PC500 (rebadged Amstrad PC1512) monitor/power-supply board reconstruction

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    Holy cow, that's one hell of a work...
    Sorry if i haven't got the photos yet but i'm a bit busy...
    Do you need any particular angle or side of the board? If you need, i can make a video too!
    Just beware that my phone's camera is a bit crappy.

    TTY soon!
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    I'd like a reasonably clear picture of the solder-side of the board under the primary power regulator (it should be the first major chip with a heat-sink down the line from where house power enters the board) and the other area is where a small regulator with a largish heat-sink sits and there are many holes in the circuit board for better ventilation, again of the solder-side of the board. Thanks in advance!
    Also, while I'm here I'll post the pictures showing how I'm going to use a piece of solid-core copper house wiring as a structural support for a weakly supported fragment of board- Here is the fragment held in by super glue, in roughly the middle of the picture.
    Here is the wire roughly bent to shape and mostly tinned with solder (I'll be using a butane mini-torch to solder it as the tabs of the metal frame soak up too much heat to allow the electric iron to work here).
    And finally, here is a crude diagram of where the wire will go, it winds up and around to take advantage of the steel frame tab as an attachment point.
    However, I still need to go buy a bottle of butane as the torch didn't come with one. Laters!

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    I return from my long absence! Unfortunately not much to show, but a recent search has netted a service manual with schematics, so I may be able to reconstruct this yet! Link here, for other searchers-
    Until I see you again! (hopefully sooner than two years from now!)

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