Congratulations on airing episode 100, guys!

The discussion of video format conversion intrigued me enough to order a book on video from Amazon, which should be arriving mid-week. I'm posting this thread to see if anybody would like to discuss the topic.

Which vintage machines in particular do not play nicely with composite video inputs on modern digital televisions?

The panel discussion centered around composite video outputs, but I presume that RF outputs (i.e., from a TRS-80 Color Computer) are equally problematic. What other electrical interfaces are sore spots? Doesn't the C64 have a multi-plug interface, with a separate chroma signal or something like that?

It seems to me that one of the prime motivations of such a project would be to properly emulate the color aliasing effects of old analog monitors in order to properly display graphics of computers that exploited the effect. I know that the Color Computer was one of them. I gather from previous podcast discussions that the Apple II also did weird stuff with its video signal, but I'm not familiar with the details yet.

Now, what about desirable output formats? I presume that HDMI is necessary for connection to today's typical monitors/televisions, but is it sufficient as the only output? What about video formats? 1080i? 1080p? Can the 720 formats be safely ignored?

What other features would be important in this hypothetical magical video format converter?