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Thread: SerialDisk Support/Idea/Info Thread

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    Some Open Source programs like SIMH, include Project and Solution files so that they can be compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio. The debugger in Visual Studio is quite nice, so there is some value in this to Windows users/developers.

    It is not much work to add a Windows GUI to an existing program. This would let you drag-and-drop an RK05 image onto the server. We could also add a some real-time display of the head/track/sector that is being read or written.
    Hmm...I don't even have a running Windows machine at the moment, so this isn't something I could do, but if anyone wants to add a GUI, that'd be neat. I'd personally strive for Qt or the like to make it fully cross-platform, but then again, I probably wouldn't be doing it in the first place; I have no experience with GUIs. I also enjoy my time in the command line.

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    I also remembered something I thought a while ago. How about a version that runs on an Arduino with an Sd card? It wouldn't be the fastest, but would probably be the cheapest solution. I take that back, if you use a teensy 3.1 it would be fast and cheap.


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    Good idea! That should be straightforward enough. My eventual goal is to have a completely redesigned board that can truly emulate an RK05 down to the register level, but I think a small SerialDisk system would be a good interim solution.


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    Crawford / Kyle,

    The arduino SerialDisk server would be awesome! I already built the TU58 arduino emulator and so could probably just reflash it for SerialDisk :

    Kyle, a register level RK05 emulator will be the fantistic bit of work that awakens the hundreds of sleeping omnibus pdp-8s still in garages, closets, and under workbenches. I would like to see everybody who has an omnibus 8 be able to run Adventure!

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