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Thread: SIMH 2.11 BSD serial terminal problem

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    Question SIMH 2.11 BSD serial terminal problem

    Hi all,

    I've temporarily suspended work on my physical 11/73 due to insufficient electronic components lying about at the moment. Instead, I decided to try to get 2.11 BSD running in SIMH since that's what I indend to run on my 11/73 anyway.

    Everything has mostly gone well, except for setting up a DZ11 for 8 serial terminal users. (I can't even get 1 to work actually)

    I'm following this:

    I successfully built the kernel with dz11 support, I set the vector, etc correctly, everything. SIMH seems to be handling the telnet server correctly because I can telnet 8 sessions and see that they are assigned different line numbers until they run out, at which point I get a notification that all of them are busy. When it boots boot, I see:
    dz 0 csr 160100 vector 300 attached
    Which is good. It indicates that the recompiled kernel is recognizing the device.

    However, there is no login prompt when I start a telnet session to the correct port, and nothing at all happens.

    I can redirect output to /dev/tty0[0-7] and it appears in my telnet sessions, but I cannot read things that are typed into those sessions with things like "cat /dev/tty00".

    So I am pretty sure that the problem is in BSD and not with SIMH, which is why I'm here. Does anyone have guesses as to what the problem could be?

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    Off the top of my head, one stupid question: Did you start multi user mode after you booted the system, or did you stay in single user mode? Did you hit Ctrl-D after booting to the single user shell?

    It's been a while since I set up some real hardware with an 8-line M3107 DHQ11 but don't remember any major snags along the way to getting it to work.

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    Ah, good catch! Still not working, interestingly enough. I didn't see telnetd start though. Now to see how to make that start...
    Edit: It just started working! Not sure why, but It's fine now. Thanks for the quick reply!


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