For my collection of vintage hard disks I try to find any hard disk 14+ Inch.
Disk cartridges are welcome to as long as it contains more than a single platter.
Hard disks bigger than 14 Inch I would be happy even to get a single platter.

Any offer welcome! Please add pictures and tell me your asking price.

I live in Germany, so shipping might be an issue.
But even 70 lbs can be shipped for about 166 US$. Above it is getting expansive.
Anyway, I already bought for ex. IBM 3380 and 10 SR II from people in the United States.

For the Holy Grail and almost impossible to find hard disks like IBM 350 (yes, I know and as I wrote, almost impossible) I would fly in to organize shipment by myself.

SORRY, wrong forum. I could not find any possibility to delete the thread.