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Thread: Kaypro 2 Floppy Drive

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    Hi, yesterday I got a great deal on a Kaypro 2. Everything functional, I tested it with different floppies and programs. I took it home and spent about 2 hours on it going through the random floppies they sold me with it. And just today I'm trying to load the floppies and they don't load. The drive makes s clicking noise which didn't do before. Dont tell me the drive went bust just from 2 hours of use! What could it be?

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    Alignment. That's what I found with mine anyway. The clamp that fixes the seek motor to the head carriage was loose.The drive worked for a while and then quit working.The click I was getting was the carriage hitting the end stop.

    You may find that screw on the clamp loose, in which case you have your work cut out trying to realign the seek's not the end of the world.

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