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Thread: I dont knw how comunicate with printer port

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    Default I dont knw how comunicate with printer port

    Hi to all members I am new here I want to learn programming for electronic circuits bt i dont now how to communicate with printer port I tried before take knowledge from internet but fail my system doesnt work like them it shows some error of system 32. Can anyone help me to do so.

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    I trust that you're using Windows 9x or MS-DOS as your host system. Windows NT....Windows 10 doesn't work the same way, although for 2K-XP there is a "GIVEIO" driver that can let some programs at the printer port.

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    It depends on what you mean "communicate with the printer port". If you just want to send pre-formatted data, for example HPGL, G-Code or similar vector graphics code then you can use the .net "RawPrinterHelper" class as described here:-

    (This also has links to how to do the same thing from VB6)

    but its purely one way, that is you can write but not read. For two-way I/O I generally load a copy of WIN9X into a VMware Player VM and map the LPT port across. I have had good results with that for many thing, but its not as fast as a real printer port.

    If you want real bit-level I/O then a modern PC is not really an suitable platform. You would be better using an Arduino, Raspberry PI or one of the other embedded solutions (Beagle Board black). If you really want to stick with a PC running Linux might also help...

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    Thanks.. chuck(g) for reply.. I need ur guidence to learn programming n all stuff plz help me in this I m tried from a long period bt I didnt find any one who can guide me properly. first I wnt to knw wt changes I hv to make wide my pc to convert it in a ic programmer or making program for electronic circuits. I want you to add as a friend if u can. Plzz its a humble request to you. In my city there is no such any teacher who can teach me deeply these things thanks... I hope you under stand my problem

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    Thanks. For reply. Can u suggest any book or online link to learn programming for electronic circuits..plz reply

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    Thanks for reply.. cn you suggest me ny book or onlune link to learn programming for electronic circuits.. plz reply

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    Thanks for reply.. I m new here can you plz help me learn programming n stuff I m trying from long time bt I didnot find any one who can guide me to learn these things in my city there is no such teacher who can teach in deep its a humble request to you plz help me to learn... add me as ur friend if u cn... thanks awaiting for ur kind reply

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    Is windows NT IS suitable for. Port communication or any other os...???

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    What are you trying to do with the parallel port? If we have a clearer idea, we can make suggestions.

    It is VERY possible to communicate bidirectionally with that, or almost ANY port from DOS, or ANY Windows, Linux,etc. version--just takes different methods for each OS...

    Can you give us an outline of what you are tring to accomplish?


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    I want to do programing for electronic systems I want to send programs by printer port and recive intrupt data from the system

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