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Thread: Resurrecting my BBS with a Raspberry Pi?

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    Default Resurrecting my BBS with a Raspberry Pi?

    I've been interested in the Raspberry Pi since it came out, but I've been racking my brain for an actual use for the thing. Today it hit me... Dedicate one to running my old BBS via Telnet.

    When I took down my BBS, I archived the entire thing onto a CD-ROM which I still have. I've made attempts to extract it a few times (and have a live version on a laptop that's kicking around). It ran on MysticBBS v1.06, the MS-DOS version. I've been contemplating moving everything over to the Linux version, but that's a lot of added work. I'm thinking that my best (and quickest) option would be to keep it in it's most original form (with a few small modifications) and just add the telnet capability.

    This would likely be a winter project, along with all my other vintage computing stuff that I have going on.

    Anyone else successfully do something like this?

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    There are several (maybe even a hundred) resurrected BBSes on Linux systems; 10-20 minutes of googling should find you some successful projects to crib off of.
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