As a result of a home remodel, I now have less space for the collection and need to thin it out a bit. The following items are free for pick-up in the Los Angeles area. Priority will be given to whoever will take everything. Almost all of these are "portables" so it isn't that much volume. Some work; some don't and are projects; some may be just for parts. The Seequa [dual Zilog Z80A + Intel 8088] and Access Matrix "Actrix" [with integrated Bell 103 modem and acoustic coupler] could be very cool pieces if made to work as both are in excellent condition:

1. Seequa Chameleon Plus: Powers up; no video - otherwise in nice condition
2. Corona ATP: Works, boots off floppy to MS-DOS 2.11 disc (included) - nice condition
3. Sanyo MBC-775: Powers up, no video; though external RCA video works - shows boot error in ROM - nice condition
4. Sanyo MBC-675: Works - missing one floppy drive - boots off floppy (not included) to MS-DOS 2.11, broken foot - rough condition
5. Access Matrix - Actrix: Powers up, video good, floppy drive B: cycles and won't boot (comes with case, manual and software)
6. Sony SMC-70G Genlocker: Works (tested RCA out), asks for system disk
7. NEC PowerMate Portable SX: powers up, no video, possible HDD crash based on screeching noise
8. Kaypro II: Lights flash on floppy drives, no video, constant beeping noise in sync with flashing floppy drive lights
9. Kaypro 2X: Works - boots to screen asking for disk (seem to recall that one of the floppy drives may need realignment)

Please PM me at wayne dot smith at charter dot net if you are interested.