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Thread: Extron VTG200. Interesting device to check vintage monitors.

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    Thank you so much!

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    So just to follow up, I got a call from Extron. They also e-mailed me a link to the software. Very good people. The guy was calling to make sure that I knew it probably wouldn't work with windows 7 or 10. He said they think they tested it with Windows XP a while back. I was able to install in on Win 95 without issues. The screen shots in the manual seem to indicate that it is windows 3.1 software. Now I just need to wait for a DE9 serial cable to show up from amazon. It seems that all of the cables I could find in my stash were either null modem or had a DB25 at one end.

    I hooked this thing up to an MDA monitor and also a EGA monitor and it did a great job showing the test patterns. I guess now it's time to learn CRT repair.


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