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Thread: Just got a TI-99/4A for $5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt. 2110 View Post
    Turns out, it's dead. Found everything I needed to start it up properly, and when I powered it up...

    If I didn't like vintage computers so much, I'd have quit there, but I do like them, so I didn't.
    The failed component is...
    A resistor. I don't know why it failed, but it did. Now I just need to know why, so I don't blow another.
    Not to nitpick, but isn't that a TRANsistor and not a resistor? That might help with your research.

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    I've got a bunch of TI-99 stuff I'd like to get rid of. I'm moving and there is not enough room for it.
    A partial list:
    3 TI-99/4A consoles
    at least 2 power supplies
    2 PEB
    Lots of cartridges
    Some diskette software + manuals
    1 set Joysticks
    2 speech synthesizers
    probably more, this is off the top of my head..
    I'm not looking to make a lot off these.

    PM me with offers if interested.
    Looking for: Altair 8800, Ithaca Intersystems boards, software, manuals. and Jade bus probe card.

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    Nope! It was a REsistor. Pretty sure the power rails shorted. 'Twas the curse of making a cable.
    Cheap stuff nobody wants is my specialty!

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