Hi all,

I have my two computers I've lugged around and used my entire life, and I have always wanted a PET. I'd prefer a 2001, but regardless, a PET.

My Osborne is a 1a (beige and blue) and I have CP/M, Chess, and Space Invaders for it. It works flawlessly.

My Macintosh Classic comes with the original keyboard and angled-boxy mouse alone with several programs. It has 6.0.8 installed because that's what I've preferred, but I do have an entire OEM copy of 7, and I have installed it several times, but I have always liked 6 better. nevertheless, it's included.

I have Psion Chess, Super Paint, and lots of floppies, blank and whatnot. I believe clarisworks is in there somewhere, too.

I will trade straight up both of these computers for a PET. A working one with at least some way to input data (a datasette, 5.25 floppy drive, etc.)

I also have some 80s and 90s records, cassettes, and related for a buffer if it's a nice pet.