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Thread: Model 12 BUS BOARD

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    Default Model 12 BUS BOARD

    I have a Model 12 without a busboard for more than a year now.
    I never succeeded in finding a card cage and bus board for this computer.
    At last I decided to build one myself.

    At first I found someone who sells the bus connectors as a start.
    There was no schematic available of the board, but with studying
    the Model II and Model 6000 schematics I found all I need for this job.

    Asking Pascal to draw the gerbers, he was in for help and is drawing them now.

    The project exists of a PCB with 3 bus slots and two flatcables with 40 wires each
    to connect to the motherboard. The termination of the lines is done.

    Here is a picture how it is going to look.

    The flatcables connects to K5 and K6 are to solder on the busconnector on the backside of the motherboard.
    In this mode K1, K2, K3 follow the connector on the motherboard, the video card stays on his place.

    There will be a second option, see this picture.
    The leftside is the same as above, but the rightside has two connectors for the flatcables and a 80 bus edge connector,
    just like the one on the hans-02.

    You can mount the leftside anywhere you like and the connector on the rightside in the busconnector on the motherboard.
    The motherboard connector is now copied to C1. The videocard is inserted in C1 now.
    No need to solder on the motherboard.

    How far is the project.

    The gerbers for the leftside are nearly ready and can be tested.
    The rightside must be drawn (but is a stripped hans-02).

    If you are intrested in this project, please let me know.
    If you have any suggestions, please do.
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