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Thread: SCO Xenix 286?

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    Default SCO Xenix 286?

    Has anyone ever used or seen and O.S. called Xenix? a friend of mine gave me a lot of 5 1/4 disks and a lot of them say Xenix 286? I've never heard of it...

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    Micro$oft's (and/or SCO) interpretation of Unix (System 3)...very desirable, although prob'ly useless unless you have the 'Installation Key' for 'em.

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    I've been trying to read the discs with DOS but all I get is a "General failure" error, so I asked a friend of mine about this and he told me that it's because the Xenix discs have a different format and that they cannot be read from DOS, so the question is what can I do to read them? does anyone know how to install it?

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    Yes, you'd expect them to be in a non-DOS format.

    The first thing you probably want to do is to make an image backup of each floppy with something like ImageDisk, just in case.

    The act of installing Xenix will probably wipe out whatever is on your hard drive, so you may want to use a spare machine, or at least a spare hard drive for your experiment.

    And finally, one of the floppies is probably bootable, and should start some sort of installation program. Past that, you're on your own.

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    It's not that easy... I tried copying the discs with that program and it didn't work... then I booted from one of the discs that says "Installation" and all I get is:

    XENIX System V


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    Does that mean that you are "installing away" now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckcmagee View Post
    Does that mean that you are "installing away" now?
    I don't understand... what does "installing away" mean??

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    Means "Installing the software" as in "Did the web site help you to do the install now?"

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    OK, I'll post the results of the installation once I've done it.


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