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Thread: MS-DOS 6.22 on 360k

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    Quote Originally Posted by GottaLottaStuff View Post
    12 disks in each set. I'll see if there is anything on them to make an image of. I hope that ebay seller's garage has heat and AC, otherwise those disks aren't going to be worth much.
    Actually, I found some diskettes that have been in my garage since 2003. No heat or AC. To my surprise, most of them are fine.

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    MS-DOS 6.22 Upgrade (3.5" 720KB)

    This is selling on eBay.
    I think it seems to be very rare than 360KB of MS-DOS 6.22 Upgrade.

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    MS-DOS 6.22 Upgrade (5.25" 360KB)

    Box says that is for 6.0, but disks are DOS 6.22 (Total 13ea)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GottaLottaStuff View Post
    Anybody know what the "enhanced tools" are?
    AFAIK there where two OEM versions of MS-DOS 6.0:

    * MS-DOS 6.00 plus Enhanced Tools. This is the full version with all the tools that are included in the Upgrade (retail) version.

    * MS-DOS 6.00 Base. This is a reduced version for cost-conscious OEMs. The (non original) copy I have consists of two 3.5 1.44 diskettes.

    What you DON'T get in this version
    - MS Antivirus
    - MS Backup. It comes with BACKUP instead.
    - Doublespace
    - MSCDEX
    - None of the windows utilities

    What you DO get in this version
    - MS Defrag
    - Memmaker
    - UNDELETE (DOS version only)
    - MS-DOS boot enhancements (F5/F8, CONFIG.SYS Menus, MOVE command)

    IO.SYS and COMMAND.COM are different. IO.SYS does not preload DBLSPACE.BIN even if it's present. HELP has entries for the missing utils explaining that you should contact your software vendor to get the Upgrade (I suppose they refer to the retail package). Another difference is the timestamp of the files in the distribution disks which is 5.0 instead of 6.0 (I suppose this is to better differenciate the two versions).

    In retrospective this "Base" version makes more sense than the "Enhanced Tools" one. MSAV and MSBACKUP are nothing to write home about and Doublespace ... Well you should be grateful to your OEM to not had included that horror ...


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