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Thread: Color Computer 2 RF cable

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    Default Color Computer 2 RF cable

    Hey all,

    So i'm in the process of slowly piecing together a Color Computer 2 setup for my girlfriend for xmas and I was wondering if this cable would work/be sufficient for video on a coax input on an LCD tv. I've seen mentions of using an RCA to F-Type connector adapter, but an all in one solution would suit me quite nicely if it works.

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    I think that cable would work just fine, as long as the TV in question can deal well with the CoCo's RF output and video signal. The original cable would have had RCA connectors on both ends, and it plugged into a TV switch box that had a twin-lead output that attached to the VHF antenna screw terminals that TVs typically had back then.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't see a problem with using one like that. The only reason I got a connector adapter for myself was because I already had a few RCA-to-RCA RF cables and just needed something to convert at the back of my TV.

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    Awesome. Sounds like i'll be ordering one soon, then. Thanks, guys.

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    Does the LCD TV have an analog tuner? This is required to work with RF output from the Coco. If it is fairly new then it probably does not.

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    I believe it does have an analog tuner, not super new. On the other hand, I just realized the shipping on this cable is more than the cost of the cable itself so I may have to seek cheaper alternatives.

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