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Thread: replacement Lamp?

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    Okay, another old thread that I'm resurrecting.

    Did anyone find replacement lamps for the hard drives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphasite View Post
    Okay, another old thread that I'm resurrecting.

    Did anyone find replacement lamps for the hard drives?
    I seem to recall that I did replace the bulb, but I'll need to check the drive tonight to see if I can refresh my memory about what I did. It's been too long since I've done anything with it to remember the details.

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    Thanks for sharing the part number! I'm ordering some to have on hand, too. Now that I re-read the thread and took a look at my 15M hard drive, I don't think I've had to replace those bulbs yet after all.

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    The pins are a little too close together, but bend them a tad, then they work fine. I replaced all of the bulbs good or bad, just because they originals looked pretty bad off or were out.

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    Sorry for my ignorance, but a while ago, my neighbor from the apartment next door they out a Very nice Marance (?) with only a couple near the right side..Because the voltages to the lamps were virtually identical to LED’s. Doing a direct install of different LEDs’to replace all of the lamps. The amplifier looks better than new, plus I found that the backlit panel, (I changed these lamps with LED’s too) is much much cleaner looking and definitely brighter.

    The job was simple enough that I replaced the lamps in just over an hour.

    You know? Looking at the sockets In your pics look almost identical to the ones i re-worked. When assembling mine, I used regular plastic cement to complete the replacement. Gluing in the LED’s makes them much more stable, and solid.

    Hope this helps. ope you have a great holiday season.

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    If it helps, these things were referred to as "grain-of-wheat" bulbs and seem to be readily available on FeeBay in a variety of voltages.
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    Does anyone know of a source for compatible power switches for the hard drives? I have one that someone yanked out and hacked (probably didn't have the key) and I'd like to replace it to keep it stock.

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    If I recall correctly, this is the key switch that I used to replace the one in my 15M drive unit which came without its key.


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