I have a very nice Altair 8800b 'Turnkey' Computer for sale!


It includes the following S-100 boards:


The labels on back have been removed, for restoration purposes.
The information on them is as follows:

PCC (Pertec Computer Corporation)
Model No. 88-1250
Part No. 200351-05
Serial No. 300-000270

The front panel is in excellent condition. The rest of the case has some
minor scratches and peeling paint, but is otherwise in VERY GOOD condition,
typical for its age.

Internally it is in EXCELLENT condition, very clean with all parts intact.
I've never attempted to power up this unit, but have no doubt that
it can easily be restored to functional condition.
The computer needs to be connected to a variable power supply and brought
up very slowly to full power before attempting to turn it on, to avoid damage to
the power supply and internal circuits.
The key, supplied, fits the lock on the unit, but is not keyed correctly, and a
correct key can be easily made by a hardware store or a locksmith, using the key
provided as a sample.
Each S-100 board has been removed and stored in an envelope within the computer.
The computer needs STATIC memory boards, not included, and can accept a
maximum of 4 - 16K RAM S-100 boards.
I can assist the buyer in locating anything needed.
Technical documentation for the computer, as well as the User Manual and the
User Guide for the M.I.T.S. 3202 Dual Disk Drive Unit, are included on a CD-ROM in
.PDF format.
The original Altair 8800 was introduced in 1974 as a Do-It-Yourself Kit, and is
widely considered to be the very first 'Personal Computer", and is the basis for all
computers (PC's) we use to this day.
Microsoft was founded based upon the Altair 8800, alone.
The Altair 8800b is the more obscure version, used mainly for business purposes.
This computer is a rare piece of computing history. I have been very fortunate to
to personally know one of the Engineers who was associated with the design and
development of the original Altair 8800 in 1973 for Ed Roberts, the owner and
founder of M.I.T.S. in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unfortunately, I have lost contact
with my friend, and I have not heard from him in some time.
I have had this computer carefully stored for many years, as I intended on creating a full
working system.
I need to sell this computer IMMEDIATELY!! My new business expansion needs financing, and
I just have decided to let the computer go, and it has been a difficult decision!


Please contact me, Jeff Strand, TODAY!! ... Thank You!

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Thank You for your time!!