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Thread: Osborne 1, strange behaviour after keyboard connection

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    Default Osborne 1, strange behaviour after keyboard connection

    Dear Experts.

    I have recently bought Osborne 1 in pretty nice condition - that's not easy in
    Computer turns well, screen shows "insert disk
    In drive "a" and some other things.
    And now interesting.
    If during switching on - keyboard is not connected - display starts faster without blinking. I could use Reset button

    If during switchin on - keyboard is connected - display is blinking for a while and a after few seconds is displaying normal picture - but zero reaction to any keys also Reset button seems to be blocked.

    Any hints ?

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    Perhaps you have broken connections in your keyboard cable?

    Is this a ribbon-cable type keyboard or curly cable keyboard?
    Mark, W8BIT

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    I've seen this on quite a few Osbourne's. It's always been caused by a stuck key. I've found that in most cases, its caused by the ribbon cable pressing the keys down when the keyboard is clipped to the front of the machine. Over time, the constant pressure on the keyboard membrane causes it to 'stick'.

    Ways of solving the issue for me is to remove the keyboard from its case and give it some gentle flexing. In other cases, I've had to remove a portion of the key assemblies, & membrane, give it a good flex, clean and then refit the keys. Very time consuming though


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