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Thread: Windows 3.1 drivers for newer hardware

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    You are more than welcome, stangman517.
    Were you and your people wanting to know of a win3.1 program that lists PCI devices?
    Or... Perhaps.. your group was wanting to see a program that lists HDA devices and nodes?

    What exactly is it that your people would like Win3.1 to see?

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    Walters_world You have blown me away!

    I had this old netbook lying around, and for the fun of it I installed DOS 7.1 on it and mpxplay to play my music collection.

    Then for the hell of it I installed Windows 3.1, tried the HDA drivers for it and WORKS PERFECTLY!

    I am delighted with this, as its a new lease of life for this little thing - YOU SIR ARE A LEGEND!

    I would be very excited to see if there was some kind emulation for DOS mode, so I could play some dos games with sound, Its great to see people like you doing this, thanks again!
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