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Thread: Windows 3.1 drivers for newer hardware

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    You are more than welcome, stangman517.
    Were you and your people wanting to know of a win3.1 program that lists PCI devices?
    Or... Perhaps.. your group was wanting to see a program that lists HDA devices and nodes?

    What exactly is it that your people would like Win3.1 to see?

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    Walters_world You have blown me away!

    I had this old netbook lying around, and for the fun of it I installed DOS 7.1 on it and mpxplay to play my music collection.

    Then for the hell of it I installed Windows 3.1, tried the HDA drivers for it and WORKS PERFECTLY!

    I am delighted with this, as its a new lease of life for this little thing - YOU SIR ARE A LEGEND!

    I would be very excited to see if there was some kind emulation for DOS mode, so I could play some dos games with sound, Its great to see people like you doing this, thanks again!
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    Aaronwhooley, what driver version did you find was working on the netbook?

    DOS games use a rather wide variety of audio standards.
    Which DOS games were you thinking of?

    I'm ok with mythical legend. It sure beats being extinct.

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    "Midi driver with PC speaker output"
    Can't believe it... is it some softsynth using PC Speaker as WAVE device, or what?
    Unfortunately, the link is dead -

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    It is a simple midi driver that plays music with the PC speaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by watlers_world View Post
    It is a simple midi driver that plays music with the PC speaker.
    OK, installed it in a fresh install of Windows 3.1, ran Media Player, loaded some .MID file, and:
    "The current MIDI Mapper setup refers to a MIDI device that is not installed on the system. Use MIDI Mapper to edit the setup."
    So I tried with "Ad Lib" and "General MIDI" setups, but neither seems to work.
    Any advice?

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    You can either edit one of the current midi setups or create a new one.
    When you edit a midi setup, you must select a midi driver for each MIDI channel you want to hear and then enable that channel.

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    OK, got it working.
    Only tried CANYON.MID as of yet - sounds very bad.
    Oh well, can't expect a single-voice, single-instrument, fixed-volume synth to play MIDI with decent quality...

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    That was the first midi driver I had ever written at the time.
    Xacalite, it sounds like you know a lot about MIDI.
    Please feel free to point out any mistakes that I have made in designing my drivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by watlers_world View Post
    Please feel free to point out any mistakes that I have made in designing my drivers.
    First and foremost, they could use better documentation.

    I was using Windows 3.1 with various sound cards, and never had to edit MIDI setups.
    If it's possible to do this automatically via OEMSETUP.INF, then it should be done automatically, if not - the procedure should be described in README.TXT

    I also tried WMidi, and encountered installation problems as well - WMIDI.DLL is not in the same directory as OEMSETUP.INF, so I had to search, and found it in the last directory where I would search for a ready-to-use program - "SRC".
    Then I ran "WMIDRUN.EXE", but didn't know what to do next - again, it would be nice to have it all written in README.TXT

    As for the poor playback quality of SMidi - I'm not sure if it's possible to do it better.
    Yes, one can implement a software wavetable synth - but it would probably require a faster CPU than those typically found in Windows 3.1 machines. Hmm, is it possible to couple Wmidi with SPEAKER.DRV?
    There were also some techniques for polyphony on a PC Speaker - it can't play more than one note at a time, but it's possible to quickly alternate between several notes. I'm wondering if it would be possible to implement such a technique in Windows...


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