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Thread: Looking for KXT11-A5 MACRO-ODT ROM Set

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    Default Looking for KXT11-A5 MACRO-ODT ROM Set

    I am trying to bring up a KXT-11AB (M7676) SBC-11/21 but the board I have been given contains custom firmware and I don't have the ODT ROM set.

    Does anyone know a source for the KXT11-A5 MACRO-ODT ROM set or have a dump of this?

    The DEC Part numbers are 23-409E-00 and 23-410E-00.

    From the same source as the board were three posters produced by the DECUS Australia NOPSIG group around 1990.

    Hi-res scans of these are now up on The TIFF files are around 450mb but the 14000x10000 resolution should mean your local print/copy service can print you a poster.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions on the ROM.


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    Jaquinn: Did you ever find these? Did you eventually get the board running :->?


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