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Thread: 8" and 5.25" Floppy Drive Sales, And Repair

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    Hello, I inherited a trs 80 model 2 and I cannot get past a boot dc error. I know the disks are fine so I would like to send the shugart 801 to you for testing and repair. Visually its looks to be in good condition but it has been sitting for decades Are you interested

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    Default Repair of 8 Siemens Drive


    If you are still servicing drives, could I send you the unit with issues described below for repair? What is the procedure/cost.... Thanks, Tom

    Quote Originally Posted by MicrocomputerSolutions View Post
    If the drives will read the boot disk after you manually set the head to Track Zero, I would say your problem is that the Track Zero Sensor needs to be adjusted. If the Track Zero Sensor was not working at all, manually repositioning the head assembly would not help.

    The way that Track Zero works on most 8" drives, is a mechanical flag mounted to the head assembly interrupts a light sensor mounted on the chassis towards the rear of the floppy disk, two-four motor steps before the heads reach Track Zero on the floppy disk. The drive's logic keeps track of when the Track Zero sensor indicates the Track Zero Sensor flags, and knows that the next time the stepper motor located to Zero Winding, the heads are located at Track Zero.

    When we use an alignment tester, or oscilloscope and a alignment disk to find Track Zero. We move the drive's head stepper motor to the Zero Winding, then mechanically adjust the head assembly so we can read the Track Zero Signal on the alignment disk.

    It sounds to me like the Track Zero Sensors on your drives are working, but the Track Zero Flags on the head assemblies are mis-adjusted, so the flags are tripping the Track Zero sensor too early or too late.

    IF the drives were sent to me for service, I would start by set the head alignment, then set the Index alignment, and then reset the Track Zero Sensor alignment., before testing the drive on a computer for proper operation. You must set the head alignment first, so you can accurately set the Track Zero Sensor flag to the write track so it will flag before the head reaches Track Zero.


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