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Thread: Quick CoCo joystick question

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    Default Quick CoCo joystick question

    Hello all! Greetings from the tundra of Western New York!
    I'm building an Atari to CoCo joystick converter (per the CoCo wiki) and would like to confirm - is the joystick port of the CoCo a normal six-pin din, or is it proprietary? I'm new-ish to electronics and just want to make sure I'm getting the right parts. Thanks!

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    Did some digging around, and found in the Atariage forums that it is indeed a 6 pin din - just gotta make sure the pins are arrangedc correctly. Thanks!

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    Here is a picture of the proper CoCo joystick plug:


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    Note that the CoCo 1 and Dragon 32/64 don't support the center pin, which is used for the second joystick button.

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