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Thread: Collectors around the world

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    Default Google Maps?

    (My apologies in advance - you have to be signed into a Google account to edit the map. If you don't want to do that please PM me with what you would like to add and I will add it for you.)

    This seems like a great use of Google Maps. I've created a shared map that anybody (signed into Google) can edit on their own:

    If you can't edit for some reason please send me what you'd like added via a PM and I'll add it for you.

    There are three layers in the map:
    1. People: Tell us your general area and what you are interested in.
    2. Museums: Have an interesting computer museum that you want to share?
    3. Businesses: Know of a business that caters to our hobby? Add it here ...

    Pro-Tip: Don't use a specific street address for your own personal entry. A Zip or Postal Code that gives the general area is more than enough.

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    Switzerland. Still in VCFe mood.
    “Thus, we see that one of the obvious origins of human disagreement lies in the use of noises for words.”

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    Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom


    Uk here too

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    Canary Islands / Spain


    Hola!, Spain here!
    Canary Islands!

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    Hello muchachos,

    I'm from Argentina and I love old stuff, mostly PCs.

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    Hello from Poland, friends!

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    +1 from Canada

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