I've got some 8" drives in enclosures to sell. These are untested but in otherwise good condition.

This one is pretty neat. First off, it's a FH Lobo drive unit.

But better than that someone has hooked a Z80 SBC to the drives and bolted it underneath.

fs 027.jpgfs 028.jpgfs 030.jpg

$250 +/- seems to be a fair price for these. With the SBC I'm going to $350 on this one. I'm open to offers.

One thing to consider is that I, really, really, really don't want to have to pack and ship these. Local pickup in SJ, CA is very much preferred.

If you pick it up I'll be far more flexible on pricing then if you ask me to buy a metric buttload of bubble wrap and some strong boxes...

Plus, shipping will be at least $50 per...