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Thread: Apple Dos-Card

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    Question Apple Dos-Card


    I am searching for an apple Dos-Card to run MS-Dos on a macintosh.


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    Hi, is this the one marked Apple computer 1997 820-0930-A with a PCI bus connector?

    I have one with the expansion cable, 26 way hi-density D to 15 way plug and socket, doesn't look like the cables on ebay with 4 connectors.

    Can't test, not been used since 1997 and wasn't very successful then. Did have the manual but can't find it.

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    Could be the Pentium166 one. My XLS is not completely checked, there could be some issues in it.

    I looked for the old one DX2/66 witch is LC-PDS? But the PCI one is also interesting, but I don't
    know what "issues" this card has. Does the Card have Sound onboard, what about external cables?
    Do I need external cables?

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    Which Macintosh? The DOS card recommendation will vary depending on the model.

    I have an Orange Micro OrangePC 620 card in my 7300, which I upgraded to a 400MHz K6-II. It runs Windows 95 and Windows 98SE and needs no breakout cable. I'd recommend pretty much any Orange Micro DOS card with the exception of the PCfx!, which was rather gimped compared to the 660 which preceded it.
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    Thx! I already have lot's of "fast" and "slow" PC's. But I have no 386/486. Therefore the "best" card would be the one for the 6100! (Dx2/66)

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    I am sure my one is the P166, lots of pins.

    Comes with the cable, one 15 way D socket has an Apple logo next to it, network I presume. The other socket splits to a 15 way D plug, monitor, and 15 way D socket with the Apple logo. There are also 2 sound cable cables, 3 wires in a 4 pin socket.

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    OK, sounds good. How much is that card including shipping to germany?

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    Hi, the Apple DOS card is 25GBP, it should pack within 1kg so standard international post is 10, signed for is 15.

    Note, still no user manual.

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    Sounds good. Sent you PM.

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    Argh, I mixed things up.

    This was your card @ClassicHasClass
    This should be the card: =>
    Should be very flexible! P100->K6-II WOW!
    Other references:

    Where do you live?

    We have a deal after checking out the financial stuff
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