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Thread: Apple Dos-Card

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    I do have used these DIP-Switch-Settings, but all I get is 256Mhz.
    I have checked them on the card itself.
    The FAQ-Settings were:
    1. 2,4 Volts (my 400AFR has 2.2)
    2. 66 FSB
    3. 2x Multi
    4. 1/2 BusSpeed for PCI

    Afaik a K6-III interprets 2x as 6x, so 6x66=400, but I get 256 strange.

    I changed the voltage to 2.2 volt and it works, but I only get 256Mhz.
    No Idea how the FSB with the multi gets to 256Mhz....

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    It means the BIOS doesn't recognize the settings or the CPU, so you just get nonsense.

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    I checked my K6-II 400 (AFR)
    It's exactly the same. I set the Dip-Switch to the Settings of the K6-2/400 in the FAQ and guess what I get! =Y K6-II/256Mhz.
    So I am pretty sure that my AFR-Models do not work with my OrangPC620 or the Bios is not up to date for the K6-Processors.

    I did not make any test with K6-III+ model. I only have one cpu that is currebtly used in another machine.

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    I still can't fix this issue. I am pretty sure that the problem is the orangepc-software.
    I think I must have version 3.1.2 but I can't find it, I only find 3.4.x and this has
    two main issues.

    1. The CPU Detection for AMD-K6 is broken, or wrong
    2. The internal CD-Rom is recognized but never works. Driver is loaded, but every cd is "not ready".

    So can someone please upload orange-pc driver/software version 3.1.2. ?



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