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Thread: C64 - black screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by gary2000 View Post
    What about trying to replace the two LS257? Just want to eliminate other possibilities.
    Well, you can eliminate possibilities by socketing and replacing chips as you go.

    That garbage screen looks a little different to a CIA failure however. You actually get discernable characters on screen.
    Have a look at this guide:

    I'd say it's either RAM or the 257s
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    Would be interested to see what the problem ends up being, purely nostalgia based. This was the reason we sold ours all those years ago at a trunk sale. The guy took it for peanuts with all the games because we started getting gobble on the screen. He reckoned he'd worked on them before and could probably sort the issue out but who knows whether he was genuinely clued-up and whether he managed to get it sorted in the end. I missed my C64 for years, it was the computer that provokes the most interesting and fun memories. Probably because we used to grab the games from the local shops and it was pot luck whether they ever worked. That was all part of the fun though. So many solid games I could never complete as a child. Would love to revisit them and see whether it was just me being too long or whether they were flawed and you couldn't actually complete them. Guessing it was just me being too young and the fact that pretty much every game used to crash at some point.

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    Will be replacing borrowed PLA with PLAnkton when it arrives (before replacing any more).

    Previously replaced one ls257 and RAM was ok (according to dead test cart). We'll see...

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    It works!

    Replaced U25 with 74LS257BN and it came up- with the correct amount of memory, too.

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