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Thread: Software for the Trackmate HyperBrush cleaning disk?

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    Default Software for the Trackmate HyperBrush cleaning disk?

    Anyone have the software mentioned in the link above? Found a chap selling new cleaning disks, and I could actually use them. I'm restoring a bunch of computers, and their floppy drives are about 50% working. Would like to see if I can restore and possibly diagnose the non-working drives.

    Maybe someone archived it? It's a long shot.

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    Argh! Just missed one on eBay by a few days. Just emailed the seller, hopefully he still has it. It went unsold.

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    Did you get the software?

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    Nope, never did. :/ I ended up selling all the machines in one large lot, work or not. I was kinda bummed.


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