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Thread: XT-IDE via floppy boot instead of EPROM?

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    Sorry for the bump, but has anyone checked whether this bootloader works with a TMC-850 without a ROM while a Future Domain TMC-950 v8.2 BIOS is loaded? I couldn't get my TMC-845 with this method to seek any devices.
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    It depends on the BIOS you're loading. It won't work if it's made with the assumption that it will reside in a certain segment.
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    Right. In this case, the bootloader puts the BIOS at 7D00 on my Turbo XT. I head from a Russian forum that the controller will swear if the BIOS is not within the segment that the TMC-950's UMB SCSI memory lies in (in which I have it jumpered at DE00), so I'll have to wait until my EPROM gets here to really see what's going on...
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