I'm pretty good with soldering, so I've been considering giving this kit a shot: http://www.mtmscientific.com/pc-retro.html which is a motherboard clone of an IBM PC 5150.
Only questions I have (I know they're stupid) is what kind of video card and power supply to get for it. I mean, I know for video I need an 8-bit ISA card preferably with VGA out, but a search of eBay reveals a ton of different results and I'm not sure which would actually work. Just some of those I've looked at include this and this

In case they aren't correct, I did find this 8-Bit CGA card that maybe would, as I know there are ways to adapt it to VGA (I saw a post on here about that, actually), though I'd like to try avoiding it if possible.
While I have some clue as to the video, I really have no idea what kind of power supply I need. I've been Googling and not really figuring it out? I know, I'm an epic noob, sorry for the stupid questions...I know they've probably been answered a million times. Anyway, if anyone could clear up my confusion with the video cards and powers supply, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!!