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Thread: SB16 CT2800 not recognized on AST Advantage 622

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    Default SB16 CT2800 not recognized on AST Advantage 622

    I've been trying to get a soundblaster 16 I've got working in a Pentium MMX 233 machine, but nothing sees the card. Syschk doesn't see it in the IRQ list, and the driver setup doesn't see it at all.
    I just pulled it from a PS/1 2133-g11 where it worked fine, so I don't think its the card.

    The computers BIOS does not have any setting for IRQs or anything.
    Anyone know what could be going on?

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    Apparently (according to the first result from Google) the CT2800 is a pre-PnP card, so you'll have to find the drivers and run DIAGNOSE.EXE to set up the IRQs etc. If you tell it to update your boot files then DIAGNOSE.EXE will run at boot, setting up the correct IRQ automatically from then on.

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    Ohhhh, ok. I'll take a look at that, thanks!

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    The problem is that the base address of the card is not recognized, which DIAGNOSE.EXE says I need to change. I know that the card has jumpers to change that, but I don't know which ones are those jumpers.
    The bios does have settings for a built ESS Audiodrive, but I have that disabled.

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    Welp, after finding the jumpers online and trying every possible combination, still nothing.

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    Get a more common SB16 like a CT1740 / CT2230 / CT2290 / CT2740. Those typically always work.

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