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Thread: Windows sound not working on NEC Ready 7022

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    Default Windows sound not working on NEC Ready 7022

    Well, I finally got the hard drive working in this machine. It turns out that if I put a Windows 2000 CD in on startup, that will activate the EZ-Drive DDO. I have no clue why this is, but whatever, it works. Anyways, I posted this on Vogons as well, but I want to post it here, too, just in case. Basically, I just got the thing working and have installed Windows 95. I have graphics drivers installed in Windows, but I can't for the life of me get sound working in it. The system uses an obscure Opti/NEC82C930 sound system that offers Windows Sound System and Sound Blaster Pro compatibility. The Sound Blaster Pro compatibility works great with all of the DOS games I've tried, but when I change it to Windows Sound System mode there's still no sound in Windows at all. No new devices even show up in Device Manager. There's a WINSETUP.exe in the files, but when I run it it says that the files are damaged and aborts. These are my settings in the DOS-based utility program the sound driver comes with. All sound tests pass, by the way. I'd highly appreciate any help with this. Also, the Windows Sound System mode works with the DOS games I've tried that support it. Thanks.

    Here are the drivers I used, just in case if it helps at all.

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    Well, even though I found the proper Windows 95 drivers for the sound system on Vogons, I still get conflicts with "other devices" (it either says it's conflicting with something called "Other Device or a Gameport Joystick)... What gives now?


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