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Thread: What are typical issues for Toshiba T1000LE's?

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    Yeah. I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help. Good luck with your PowerBook!
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    Has anyone ever figured out what’s up with these? I just got one of these, recapped it, and it’s still just giving me the blinking “DC-in” light. This is the THIRD vintage Toshiba laptop I have bought that hasn’t worked. Why is the power supply circuitry in these so bad? Does anyone know of a fix? I’m really beginning to loathe the Toshibas.

    Their gas plasma portables (like the T3100e) are much better than their battery-powered laptops, it seems.

    It’s really sad, because this is one of the coolest XT-class laptops I have seen. Has a removable hard drive, high-res CGA display, a great keyboard, really everything you could ask for.
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    Well, I found where someone fixed theirs with similar symptoms to mine by replacing a particular mosfet, so I have ordered a replacement and we’ll see what happens...
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    Well, that didn’t fix it, and I tried some other things that didn’t help either. No more early Toshiba Laptops for me until someone figures out what’s up with them. I’ll stick with the gas plasma portables for Toshibas, which are much more reliable.
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