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Thread: Junk Shop in Colorado Springs

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    Default Junk Shop in Colorado Springs

    Hi. There's a junk shop here with overly high prices but they always consider offers and they have some weird stuff. Might just have what you need and if there's anything you'd like, I'd be happy to make an offer, buy, and ship for you at no additional cost. Sorry I can't say what all they have here but here's some pics:
    Random stuff showing how it's all piled up, theres cases, appliances, testers, RAM cards, graphing calculators, cameras...

    More stuff, theres mainly power supplies, analyzers, and cords and adapters for them, but also some weird bizzare machines I have no idea what they are:

    This is a huge pile of power cords and adapters. They have a lot including a couple large and unique looking commodore ones (but NOT Atari 520ST! ) :

    Components of all sorts. Fans, motors, LEDs, diodes, ports, plugs, capacitors, lengths of pipe...

    Example pin thingys, there's a very large amount of these, and example wire, they have all the wires and I think ribbon cable:

    They have a very large amount of adapters, DIN and VGA and Molex and whatnot. Also an HP 86B calculator thingy:

    And three Osborne OCC-2 systems:

    That's all. Of course there's also a normal selection of PCI cards, motherboards of all ages, hard drives, SCSI stuff, floppies, operating systems (mainly windows), monitors, graphics cards, PSUs, SIMMs... lemme know if there's anything you think I can look for, I'm there frequently enough

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    I demand you tell me where this is!

    I'll at least make a stop this weekend. Just to look at things.
    It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

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    That's a nice little HP-86B--and it looks like there may also be a printer for it.

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    Ooh, maybe we can meet up luckybob It'd be fun to meet someone from the forum. It's called OEM Parts and it's located on Hancock off Fillmore.

    Yeah it is Chuck. I wonder what it's value is and what they're asking - I didn't see many on eBay anyway. Also OEM Parts guarantees their stuff works or your money back which is interesting with so much old stuff.

    I forgot to mention they had a Tandy 4860 laptop there for $35 (might be able to offer less?) if anyone wants. It's shipable, $12 in the US, but doesn't come with the power adapter. Good condition though. still has all the data on it and it's pinouts too.

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    I was planning on being lazy in this 90+ heat, but now my Sunday is planned. YAY!
    It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

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    The HP 86B isn't just a "calculator thingy". It is full-fledged computer that was aimed at scientists and engineers. It's the same thing as the HP 85 except without the built-in monitor, printer, or tape drive:

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    Oh that's just heavenly just like walking into my
    first compUSA!!!
    Never Bin or sell your old computer's you will regret it!!
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    Rats ! ! !

    I was in Highland Ranch at the end of June/beginning of July. If I had know about that place I would have driven over there.

    I'm always looking for 8" floppy drives (1/2 highs are even better), plus right now I need some of the 5-conductor plugs that are used on Shugart SA810/SA860 1/2 high 8" floppy drives, AND always on the look-out for S-100 stuff.

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    I'll keep a lookout for 8" drives and accessories. I will say though that vintage systems themselves are not generally this store's specialty (the name is "OEM Parts" after all) so while they have the computers I mentioned and sometimes have some others (once I saw an original Macintosh and an HP 200LX), they have a ton less than some places you guys have posted where there's just shelves full of old desktops and laptops and stuff.

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    Hmmm.... SWMBO has been dropping hints about wanting to visit Colorado Springs again....

    Perhaps we'll take my truck.

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