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Thread: HxC replacement for 8" drive on CP/M 2.2. system

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    Default HxC replacement for 8" drive on CP/M 2.2. system

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the HxC. In particular with using one to replace 8" SSSD or 8" SSDD media on old systems. I'm hoping to use the HxC in both a SOL-20 (DJ2D controller) and an IMSAI 8080 (Versafloppy 1 controller).

    Would love to hear from anyone about pitfalls, issues with getting it working, and of course all the good stuff too.


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    I use the HxC quite extensively with my big Tandy 8in floppy computers using TRSDOS, CP/M and Xenix and have had very good success. @NF6X's 50 to 34 pin adapter works perfectly for the job.

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    I actually already have one of @NF6X's fd50to34 adaptors...I guess I just need to buy the HxC now and try it all out.


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    All the parts finally arrived.
    Flashed the Gotek drive with the HxC boot loader, hooked it all up the the IMSAI 8080. Converted some of my .IMD files (made using a Kryoflux) to the HxC format using the HxC software...

    It booted CP/M 2.2 first time!
    Boots CP/M 1.4 also.
    Runs Mbasic perfectly.
    Haven't tried writing anything yet...It's getting late so I'll do more testing tomorrow.

    Great stuff!

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