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Thread: Vintage Computers in movies and TV

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    Default Vintage Computers in movies and TV

    In this topic, Chuck(G) mentioned he recently saw a movie where a lady killer robot was controlled by an Atari ST. This got me thinking this might be better suited for a separate topic as I'm really interested in other sightings of the oldies.

    The original post by Chuck:
    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    I just ran into a bad SF/horror movie called Steel and Lace about a female robot killer.

    What's notable is that she's apparently controlled by what's obviously an Atari ST. Don't know if this is mentioned in, but it's hard to miss.
    On top of my tongue I remember:

    The IMSAI from War Games

    war-2.jpg has a great write-up on IMSAI used in the starter of genre of hacking movies - War Games. "Only winning move is not to play".

    SGI machines from the original Jurassic Park

    hwd_jpark15.jpg has an interesting write-up on SGI computers seen in Jurassic park and their usage in the movie for first major realistic CGI effects. "I know this, it's a UNIX(TM) system."

    Early gen Mac from Chuck (TV)


    There were several retro machines on NBC's "Chuck", but the most prominent was an early Mac on the table in the Chuck's dad's (Scott Bakula) laboratory in the flashbacks.

    What other vintage computing equipment did you notice in movies or TV?
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    Oh man. I've just visited "Starring the Computer". They have a long list of computers in movies and TV. But Chuck(G)'s Atari horror flick is not mentioned and there might be others so topic can still be interesting.

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    Here's a good one that we mentioned in episode 9 of TRS-80 Trash Talk. In the TV show "Married with Children", the Bundys had an RCA TV set on their kitchen counter which was the same model used for the TRS-80 Model I Video Display, except with a few mods like the tuner ripped out, a video input cable added and painted silver.

    110-i3.jpgScreen Shot 2016-09-13 at 10.30.01 AM.jpg100_1683.jpgTrsMonitor-1L.jpg

    See for a full discussion and TRS-80 photo sources.
    Bundy photos from

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    In the first season of Red Dwarf, episode 5 Confidence and Paranoia, when Lister erases a portion of Holly (The ship's AI)'s memory, he types the commands on a Commodore 64.

    Image from

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    A lot of the oldies TV stations are full of this stuff these days.

    I've notice a sitcom called "Empty Nest" where at least in later episodes they usually have what looks like a C64 or Vic-20 in the main character's doctors office.

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    One of the recent Mr. Robot episodes (s02e11) featured a C64: (be aware of spoilers). Interestingly, if you search Google for Mr. Robot and C64 you get this platform game from the 80s as the one of the first results:

    Any connections with the title of a show?

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    Supergirl SE1E06 titled "Red Faced" Look over lady's (Alex's) left shoulder looks like a Lisa to me. Sorry a little blurry.
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    Altair/Pertec related scenes in Knight Rider:
    My collection:

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    I caught the pilot of "Emergency!"--"The Wedsworth-Townsend Act" from 1972. It's a two-hour pilot, but there are at least two places where a bank of CDC 60x tape drives are visible (no explanation is given for this) one of which in the background about 1 hour 40 minutes into the film when Dr. Bracket is examining an X-ray on a lightbox. About all I can guess is that the drives were on the set; they weigh about 1500 lbs. each and were too much trouble to move.

    It's impossible to tell which drive model--could be 604 or 607 drives--but for speed, they look the same.

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    Shadow Traffic used TRS-80 Model I's in 1980:

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