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Thread: Vintage Computers in movies and TV

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    Halt and Catch Fire features several vintage systems, mainly C-64's (Mutiny is the fictional equivalent to Playnet/ Quantumlink/ early AOL.) I noticed this season there's a Compaq Portable II on Joe's desk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire-Flare View Post
    In the first season of Red Dwarf, episode 5 Confidence and Paranoia, when Lister erases a portion of Holly (The ship's AI)'s memory, he types the commands on a Commodore 64.

    Image from
    Red Dwarf also used spraypainted Amiga 500s/1200s (or maybe desktop Amiga keyboards) as set decorations. Distinctly remember seeing them a few times on the show.

    I bet the C64 was put there on purpose as a joke.

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    One of my favorite scenes in the Stargate series, this one from Atlantis- "No Man's Land"

    After a battle where their own ship is destroyed, beam aboard a Wraith Ship, McKay at the computer console of a hive ship, damaged, life support failing, trying to get it to work-

    Dr. Rodney McKay: "Their operating system is a mess. Thank goodness I remember DOS. "
    [Ronan doesn't react]
    Dr. Rodney McKay: "Trust me, that was hilarious. "

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    Amstrad PCW 9512 in A Rare Bird (2012)

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    That reminds me, the other day there was an episode of The Goldbergs that prominently featured a school computer lab with some shiny "new" (the show is supposed to be set in the 1980s) Apple II Plus computers. As part of the plot, this kids mother puts cheese in one of the floppy drives to get him banned from the computer lab.

    Cheese? Well, I guess that is not as bad as retarded monkey fscks pouring a whole bottle of super glue in to an ImageWriter printer.... If I recall correctly I had to clean up THAT mess, but it was just deemed beyond repair.

    Now that I think of it, there was a later model ImageWriter visible in the background of that show, but I don't think that would have been found near "new" Apple II Plus computers. Meh.

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    James from here. Good to see people still spotting vintage machines!

    I always appreciate a tip-off for such finds:


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    A great segment in the 1969 film "Number One" with Bobby Troup explaining the functioning of an S/360 system to Charlton Heston. About 39:45 in.

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