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Thread: Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback drivers, can't find!

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    Default Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback drivers, can't find!

    I'm trying to hook up a Microsoft Force Feedback Wheel/Pedal combo to an older WinME system and the wheel, surprisingly, seems to work fine, if a bit noisily.

    But the CD that was shipped with the wheel arrived in many pieces and I cannot find any place to download drivers, especially ones old enough to work in 98/ME.

    Is there any chance someone here might have a place to download the required software? Otherwise I might just bite the bullet and buy another wheel on eBay with the driver CD.

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    Did you go to Microsoft?

    Where in NJ are you? I believe I have a couple Sidewinder discs you could borrow.

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    I believe I have the cd for the FFB wheel. I could make an iso file of it if you still need it?


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    If you're looking for DS/DD or DS/HD 3" or 5" floppy disks, PM me. I've got some new, used, and factory over-labeled disks for sale.

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