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Thread: Retro-Computing Club - Greater Vancouver - Chilliwack

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    Default Retro-Computing Club - Greater Vancouver - Chilliwack

    We have another fun and fascinating meeting coming up on October 27, 2016 and we would like you all to join us. It is pretty casual, we just setup tables and members / participants fill them with cool projects and retro-equipment that they would like to share and discuss. It is a feast of great ideas and solutions to all your old (dead) computer woes. There is no charge for attending and you don't have to be there at the beginning. Just drop in and say hi even if you don't have anything to display.

    Here is the critical info...

    Retro-Computing Club Chilliwack
    6:30PM - 8:30pm October 27, 2016
    Sardis Library, 5819 Tyson Road, Sardis, BC V2R 3R6

    Rob Carnegie

    CRCC Meeting Notice - 2016-10.jpg

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    I really enjoyed the last meeting for the year ( last night). There are very interesting retro machines brought in. Klyball's OSI unit is a WOW thing. I wished I had talked to him about it more but got stuck on those IBMs.

    Thanks again for organizing it.

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    Default Fraser Valley / Chilliwack Retro Computing Club

    The Fraser Valley - Vancouver - Chilliwack BC Retro-Computing Club is continuing to meet through the summer. If you are in Chilliwack on vacation, why not stop in to see us? No need to bring hardware as we are always willing to demonstrate and just meet and greet interested visitors. We always have lots of rare and interesting hardware on hand. We aren't brand specific so anything goes.

    Also - the meeting is a casual /drop in format so no need to be there at an exact time.

    Here is the critical info...

    Retro-Computing Club Fraser Valley / Chilliwack
    6:30PM - 8:30pm June 29, 2017
    Sardis Library, 5819 Tyson Road, Sardis, BC V2R 3R6

    Rob Carnegie

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    The October meeting Fraser Valley/Chilliwack Retro-Computing Club will be held for the first time ever at the Fraser Valley MakerSpace.

    Bringing the best of New Tech, Old Tech and Retro Tech under the same roof for a memorable evening of fun and learning. The meeting will be held in the Fraser Valley MakerSpace which is on the 2nd floor above Potters Coffee & Tea House at 4812 216 St, Murrayville Langley, BC. Note that the time has changed for this meeting only; 7:00pm - 9:00pm! An optional meeting theme of Projects (WIP or Completed) as suggest earlier by Riz Thomas.

    CRCC Meeting Notice 2017-010.jpg


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