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Thread: Macintosh PowerBook 180C & 190CS, parts/repair

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    Default Macintosh PowerBook 180C & 190CS, parts/repair

    I have two Macintosh PowerBooks, a 180C and a 190CS, for parts. Both have had all the case screws removed, and are missing hard drives and AC adapters. The 180C also lacks a battery.

    I tested both of them on a bench power supply, and they do power on. The 180C successfully booted from a floppy disk, and the display lights up and works fine. If I remember right, the keyboard worked, but the trackball did not. The 190CS chimed and booted from a test hard drive, but the display is completely dead - no image and no backlight. As such, nothing else on it was tested.

    Both machines are in good physical condition. The plastics are in good shape, without any significant wear, as are the keyboards and displays. There are several small knurls in the plastic where the case separates in both machines, where someone used probably a flathead screwdriver to separate the case halves. The 190CS's hard drive retainer assembly is broken where two of the screws screw it to the chassis (clearly brute force was used to remove the hard drives from both machines). It wouldn't affect anything besides the assembly wiggling around more than normal. The 190CS's battery has corrosion on the terminals, and that corrosion has spread to the battery terminals on the motherboard. Please consider both machines as non-working and for parts.

    Please make an offer, plus shipping, for one or both machines. I'll also accept a trade for anything that might interest me (68k or PPC Mac laptop, vintage PC laptop, etc).

    I'm located in New Brunswick, Canada. Thanks!
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    More pictures. Last one is an example of the knurls in the plastic.


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