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Thread: Intertec SuperBrain ROM Dumps

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    That shim is awesome. I'll read more on that later.

    Awesome on the adapters, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.

    I've also noticed the tolerance issues with this computer, so definitely interested to see the fitment of your adapter once it's done.

    Sadly, I don't know anything about the ROM paging logic at this point. Thanks for the link to the Lobotomies. Good name, too. Hahha

    Also, I wanted to cross-post to the other thread where we talked about ROM dumping on the SuperBrain... I posted a link to THIS thread, but not the other way around:

    See ya.
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    Thanks Todd.

    It's quite simple, really, but incredibly useful, sometimes. I'll post pictures of the ROM adapters once I receive them and build one of each.

    Meanwhile, I contacted the author of the "Superbrain Lobotomies" posts on comp.os.cpm and he has kindly put his ROM disassembly onto github here: case anyone out there can use the information.

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    Superbrain ROM adapter board.. This is the adapter that allows use of a 2816 EEPROM on the Superbrain motherboard without modifying any tracks on the Superbrain. It's based on the reader design presented by EagleTG and dmemphis on this thread.

    The bare board.

    Top view, assembled.

    Bottom view, assembled.

    In situ with CPU2 on the right.

    With a 2816 fitted.

    This rig is not going to fit as-is with the case closed. For that, I think you would need to remove the ROM socket from the motherboard and solder the adapter directly (in the picture it is plugged into the socket). You may also need to solder the 2816 directly to the adapter to save a few more millimetres. I've done a quick trial and it may be OK without removing the socket, but it would need some finessing in the assembly stage.
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    TMS27C16 reader adapter board.


    P3 has the tiny voltage converter module soldered to it. U1 is the 7905 5-12v regulator. As the current requirement is so low, I think we can get away with a smaller device such as a 79L05 (which I will be testing). I'm waiting for some of these modules to arrive from China before attempting to build one - don't fancy desoldering it from my prototype (the red board).

    Once built, you would use this to retrieve the content of your Superbrain ROM using a modern programmer, and setting the programmer for a 2816 EEPROM.

    There are only three of each type of board at the moment and I think they are all promised out.
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    Nice work!
    My double socket plus 2816 IC fits under the case with only a slight impingement.
    Your adapter should even be less, though it might touch.
    Its a feature, it holds it in place!

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    I've just acquired a SB II board which I am attempting to nurse back to health. It has a boot ROM labelled 4.2, which appears to be working. Will upload a dump presently.

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    Turns out I already had a copy of this ROM. It came from zippysticks' SB II.
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    Here's the UK spec (50Hz) Superbrain II 4.2 ROM
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