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Thread: Tandy Dumpster Rescue

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    Default Tandy Dumpster Rescue

    Here's what we recovered today on another Tandy dumpster rescue. This one was really, truly a dumpster rescue as there was actually a large dumpster in front of the donors house being filled as we arrived. He was very nice older widower and collector who was moving out of his house and in with his family and he just couldn't take all of his beloved computers with him. I must say, that meeting these other long time enthusiasts and hearing their stories is probably the best part of this hobby for me. The machines are not in the greatest shape and some are probably good mostly for parts, but we'll plan to restore as much as possible. There is some software to go through, especially Xenix stuff. It will all go into the model2archive eventually so everyone gets to experience it.

    Reach out if you need a certain part for your restoration. Since this was a donation we'll pay forward the good will.


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    Must have nearly killed him to have to dump all that stuff. It's a shame, really to have to part with your collection because you are moving in with family.

    I think it's nice that you are willing to part it out to people.
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    Great save and even better that you're willing to part them to people in need. So awesome! =D

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    Some places seem to have a higher class of dumpster than others!

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    Death or having to move is how computer collections end up being dumped.
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    Great save.. we obviously will see more of this sort of dump bin activity as many of us get to old to say at home anymore; and have to more into shared accommodation or the underground home most of us end in.

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    Happen to have any of the later Tandy stuff in there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt. 2110 View Post
    Happen to have any of the later Tandy stuff in there?
    No Tandy PC stuff, if that's what your asking. Sorry.

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    Well you already know that those keyboards are going to need new foam pads put in.


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