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Thread: Persyst SB 384 Time Spectrum in a 16KB-64KB 5150

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    Default Persyst SB 384 Time Spectrum in a 16KB-64KB 5150

    Any chance someone might have a manual for a Persyst SB 384 Time Spectrum 8-bit ISA RTC//memory card kicking around in their archives? I'm attempting to use with an IBM 5150 PC (16KB-64KB fully-populated motherboard) and trying to figure out the correct dip switch settings on the expansion board. Or does someone maybe have this card working in a 5150 that would share their config and dip switch settings - it may give me a clue as to what pattern they may have used in designing the card.

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    Does the card layout match the one shown at [here] ?

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    Thank you modem7 - while not exactly the same card, the dip switch configuration appears to be identical. I'm now able to boot with the additional 384k. Much appreciated.

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